• Event-Event Relation Corpus is made publicly available for research purpose here, paper here.
  • An initial version of KBP2016 EDL Overview Paper is up. We will do 13 languages in 2017! The task spec will be out in February.
  • I'm hiring 2-4 new RAs and 2-4 new post-docs in 2017. Drop me a CV if interested.
  • Submit your coolest demo to ACL2017! We set up the best demo paper award this year!
  • My first genius girl PhD student Dian Yu is graduating in May 2017 and looking for a research scientist position. I'm very proud of her elegant work. She is smart, super efficient and organized, and she could be the best employee at any place.
  • Xiang Ren (UIUC) is on the academic market for a faculty position. He has my highest recommendation. I think he is as good as Yizhou Sun and Chi Wang. Grab him before it's too late! :-)