• Congatulations Lifu on receiving an intern offer from AI2.
  • ARL NS-CTA Bootcamp - I'm running the I1 session 11am-12:30pm on May 2, during which we will report our exciting progress on knowledge networks construction. Also come to join Morteza's fun session on "How computer scientists and social scientists can work together?" 3:30pm-5pm on May 2. A bunch of us will drum up some stories together.
  • Beautiful weather and greatest visitor, couldn't think of anything better Looking forward to my favorite professor Ernest Davis's visit to RPI May 12-14! Ernie will give a talk at ACS2017.
  • I'm hiring 2-4 new RAs and 2-4 new post-docs in 2017. Drop me a CV if interested.
  • My first genius girl PhD student Dian Yu is graduating in May 2017 and looking for a research scientist position. I'm very proud of her elegant work. She is smart, super efficient and organized, and she could be the best employee at any place.