• Multimodal pattern mining paper accepted by ACM Multimedia 2016; Social unrest prediction paper accepted by ASONAM16, Congratulations Di!
  • We are leading an one-hour round table discussion on biomedical knowledge discovery at World Economic Forum.
  • It's NSF CAREER proposal season again. In case it's helpful for those who are struggling, I made my one-shot funded proposal publicly available a while ago.  Ignore the super old ideas and self-bragging words, I think I put up a nice structure though. Good luck everyone!
  • KBP2016: The first EDL evaluation window August 1-14, as part of end-to-end cold-start KBP
  • Hiring 1-2 post-docs and 2-4 PhD RAs in 2016 to work on fun projects, drop me an email with CV if interested.