• Our IE and KBP systems are selected to join an one-week long DoD field experimentation.
  • The greatest Prof. Jiawei Han will visit us in September!
  • NLP course: the first class will start from Sept 9.
  • Hiring 1-2 post-docs and 1-2 PhD RAs this Fall.  Please read these notes before apply.
    • I'm looking for a new post-doc who has background in both social cognitive science and computer science.
    • PhD applicants: yes I'm back to the admission committee, but don't send me emails unless you have NLP background and want to work with me. I will review all CVs but cannot reply all emails unless I find a good fit.
  • Highly recommend my PhD student Hao Li, looking for a research scientist position.
  • I also highly recommend the rising super star Tao Ge to whoever is going to pick him up after his extremely productive visit to RPI and after his PhD.