• "Liberal IE" finally gets accepted by ACL2016, the best work from my group in the past two years. by Lifu Huang and collaborators at ARL, UIUC and IBM.
  • Congratulations Lifu, Di, Dian, Xiaoman and Xiaocheng on accepted ACL long papers!
  • Check our updated software page. They are also being integrated into Stanford CoreNLP, stay tuned:-) We are also producing "Tinker Bell" Cold Start++ KBP system from Columbia+RPI+Stanford+UIUC.
  • KBP2016: The first EDL evaluation window August 1-14. The mailing list information is updated.
  • Hiring 1-2 post-docs and 2-4 PhD RAs in 2016 to work on fun projects, drop me an email with CV if interested.