RPI courses:

NLP course has been approved as a core qualify course for Area 5 effective Fall 2014. But please don't register for my courses only to meet qualify needs (in that case I can tell and I won't pay special attention to you). Join me only if you are interested in computational linguistics please.

This is an advanced research-centric course to go over the most up-to-date techniques in this field, it's targeted for students who work on related areas. Extensive research background is expected.


  • Natural Language Processing with Watson, Spring 2014 (In case it's helpful for NLP course instructors, I've shared the editable version of my lecture slides here. They have a strong IE flavor though.) Selected to participate in IBM term project competition for $100K award.

CUNY courses:

  • Advanced Natural Languge Processing (Graduate Center, across Computer Science and Linguistics), Fall 2012
  • Statistical Natural Language Processing (Graduate Center, across Computer Science and Linguistics), Fall 2009
  • Computational Linguistics Methods II (Graduate Center, Linguistics Department), Spring 2011
  • Natural Language Processing (Queens College), Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010