NIST TAC Knowledge Base Population (KBP2016) Entity Discovery and Linking Track

Timeline (Tentative)

  • March 7: Tri-lingual EDL related tools and resources available
  • March 9: Release task spec initial version
  • March 20: Release Final version of Task spec
  • March 31: Make previous years’ training/eval data sets available to participants
  • April 30: Possible dry run of cross-lingual Spanish-English SF task
  • July 15: Registration deadline
  • Aug 1-14: Tri-lingual EDL First Evaluation Window (EDL1) on 90K docs
  • Aug 15-29: Tri-lingual Slot Filling Evaluation Window on 90K docs (optional input/resource: EDL1 runs)
  • Sept 1: Release EDL1 scores to individual participants
  • Sept 12-19: EDL Second Evaluation window (EDL2) on 90K docs (optional input/resource: CSSF, CSKB runs)
  • Sept 25: Release EDL2 scores to individual participants
  • Oct 3-7: DEFT PI meeting
  • October 10: Participants short system description due at NIST (for coordinators' overview paper)
  • October 10: Presentation proposals due for all tracks
  • October 10: Notification of acceptance of presentation proposals
  • November 1:  Coordinator's overview paper & Participants' full workshop papers due at NIST
  • November 14-15: TAC KBP 2016 Workshop
  • February 15, 2017: System description paper camera ready