Instruction of the functions

Search Interface

User can specify one or more dimensions to generate a query.
To specify a dimension, please choose one value from the pull down menu.

Protest Event

1. Query Window: It displays the user's initial query and will keep the query updated according to user's activities.
2. Number of Events and Number of Documents: The number of events that match the user's initial query and the number of documents related to the primary event.
3. Click to Show Documents List: Check the original documents related to the primary event.
4. Click to Show the Whole Article: Check the original article including the summary sentence.
5. Dimensions Table: The dimensions of the event cube.
6. Recommendation Switch Button: Switch between recommending the most similar and most dissimilar events.
7. Highlighted Matched Dimension: The name of the dimension of the recommended event will be highlighted if it shares that dimension value with the primary event. System considers the matching in both type level and entity level. For example: Iran government and Hungary government have the same type: government, so they are considered to share the dimension.
8. Visual Concepts: Display the visual concepts when the mouse is over the video/image.
9. Back: Return to the previous step.

Attack Event

1. Visual Pattern: Display visual pattern or hide visual pattern.