• Spring 2016: 1-4 PhD RAs, many undergraduate RAs, and 1-2 post-doc openings are available.
  • Strong NLP research background is required for each opening.
  • Some of our new projects are shown in our Project page.
  • Additional notes from the director: I prefer candidates who have open and honest mind, passion on language, patience at looking into data, and creativity to set up new&fun research problems. Pure natural language engineers who run existing learning packages on bag-of-words are in my black list.
  • PhD Applicants: Please simply go through RPI CS regular application process, and indicate that you are interested in working with Heng in your statement.
  • Woman and non-chinese applicants are especially encouraged to increase the diversity of our group. Blender used to be a very diverse group, we pretty much hope to let that nice environment return.