PhD Students (Graduating in Summer 2017: Dian Yu and Tao Ge)
  • Dian Yu
    Unsupervised Slot Filling and Validation (Thesis committee: Ralph Grishman, Peter Fox, Deborah McGuinness)
  • Lifu Huang
    Liberal IE (Thesis committee: Clare Voss)
  • Boliang Zhang
    Low-resource language IE (Thesis committee: Jim Hendler, Peter Fox)
  • Di Lu
    Cross-media Information Summarization (Thesis committee: George Nagy)
  • Xiaoman Pan
    Knowledge Base Mining for Universal IE
  • Tongtao Zhang
    Cross-media Event Extraction (Thesis committee: Shih-Fu Chang)
  • Ying Lin
    Creative Language Encoding
  • Creative Language Encoding and Decoding
  • Low-resource Language IE
  • Low-resource Language IE
  • Entity Linking (Visiting student from Tsinghua University)
  • Event Extraction (Visiting student from Peking University)
  • Event Extraction (Visiting student from Beijing Institute of Technology)
    Undergraduate Students
  • Creative Language Decoding
  • Low-resource language IE
  • Creative Language Decoding
  • Visiting Student from Tsinghua University
    Linguist Consultant & Annotator
  • Sharone Horowit-Hendler (2014-)