Current Projects:
  • Automatic Knowledge Extraction and Summarization from Meetings (NSF)
  • Mercury (IARPA)
  • Low Resource Languages for Emergent Incidents (DARPA)
  • Cross-media IE (DARPA)
  • Streaming Data Mining and Summarization, NS-CTA (ARL)
  • Knowledge Networks Construction, NS-CTA (ARL)
  • Truth Finding, (AFRL)
  • Deep Exploration and Filtering of Text (DARPA)
  • CAREER: Cross-document Cross-lingual Event Extraction and Tracking (NSF)
  • Natural Language Processing with Watson (IBM)
  • Liberal IE (Bosch)
  • Knowledge Network Construction (Google)
Past Projects:
  • IE for Dialog Systems (Disney)
  • Global Autonomous Language Exploitation (DARPA)
  • Web-Scale Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery (Google)
  • Broad Operational Language Translation (DARPA)
  • EAGER: Exploring Multimedia Information Networks (NSF)